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A Detailed Guide into the Different Types of Acting Auditions

Acting audition is something that happens almost every day for aspiring actors. As part of the process, casting directors in an audition select actors for the roles needed for a certain project. It is where agents and casting directors meticulously boil down their choices laid on a podium based on their instincts and tastes. It is as well an opportunity for a candidate to showcase his craft and convince the panel of judges.

Here, you will learn all the different kinds of auditions you might have to attend to land the next acting job you have long wanted.

Demo Audition/ Self-Taped Audition

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This type of audition is mostly done by those who are willing to audition for a role but could be hindered by some geographical restraints. Self-taped auditions usually happen in the voice acting or singing auditions. Most movie companies require interested applicants to submit their performance demo, indicating why they are more than qualified for the vacant role. Rupert Grint, one of the Harry Potter stars, filmed himself and included why he should get the role for the audition of Ronald Weasley during the talent scouting for the said movie series.

Talent Convention

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The scenario is almost similar to a job fair where you will be showcasing what you got in front of the casting director, agents, and of course, a huge crowd. In talent convention, you will be auditioning with a bunch of other candidates. One perfect example is the audition process for American Idol.

 Screen Test

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Like how its name goes, screen test designates actors to audition in front of the screen.  It is another way for casting directors to determine the capabilities of an actor behind the camera. The candidate will be asked to read the dialogue with and without the camera, depending on the director’s choice. A video taken during your screen test will then be grilled by the casting directors or agents to figure out if you fit the role. It is like making your own demo inside the studio provided for you.


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Recall is usually done after the callback where the choices are narrowed down to only a few candidates. It is basically to eliminate other unqualified actors from the final choices.

Private Audition

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This is handled by casting directors. They set an appointment with the talent, held privately, to know if they can be the perfect choice for a certain role. Announcements are also limited to actors who have access to such information through representatives (agents) who have inside information or have close ties with the directors.

On Camera

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Hence the name, casting directors or agents search for potential actors with a camera rolling. They will be looking at your video during your audition.

Open Call Audition/Open Audition

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Though similar to the cattle call, producers set specific venue for the open call audition. It’s often held at theaters. Specific traits for the role they will need are usually listed down.

Cold Reading

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Cold reading is where candidates are asked to read monologues on the spot. Aspiring actors will be given a brief background of the character they’ll be playing, depending on the casting director’s choice. Characters often do not have enough chance to further study the script once they receive it.

Cattle Call

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It is the kind of audition that every aspiring actor should at least experience. It is a massive audition for everyone. Even inexperienced can also go to this audition.


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This audition is done a lot of times depending on the casting directors. It usually happens after an initial acting audition. It is a way for them to narrow down their selection of candidates for the specific role.


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Appointments are also a private kind of audition where a casting director will schedule an appointment with you at a certain time and place. Most of the time, directors set appointments with actors who haven’t worked with them yet. The actors in this audition usually have an idea about the material they will be working on.

As an aspiring actor, you will experience such auditions that might be part of your growth in this career. It is essential for you to know these types of acting audition.

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