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How a Modeling Agency Works

It is very important to know the workarounds in a modeling agency if you are planning to start a career in modeling. Once you are familiar with the people behind the industry, it would not be difficult for you to enjoy what the agency can offer.

Every modeling agency has their different staff members assigned to specific tasks and responsibilities. It is your high chance to get to know the different departments that you may be working with when you start your career in the industry.

The Booker

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They are also called the agent or the manager, and they’re the ones  who take charge of your career no matter how long your contract with the agency is. The booker’s work is to keep your marketability working as a model. If you start as a tyro, he will be the one to take you to your photographers who will guide you to perfect every stint, and the one who will let you meet the people you will be working with.

If you have made your name and already working as a model, the booker will be the one to help you out which client you should be working for. He will keep track of your daily schedules and activities. He will be the one calling the clients if they are interested to be working with you.

Most of the time, the booker work on even the non-work-related concerns that you might face, such as meeting and choosing personal trainers, doctors, and nutritionists. He can even guide you on some personal stuff like choosing a house to buy. The booker ensures you are unstoppable on your way to success.

There are different booking departments that serve different purposes.

The Television and Commercial Department

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This is the department that works together with some outside agencies when you are offered bookings for the television. They are also responsible for their models’ guest appearances on the television shows.

The Runway Department

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Hence the name, this department takes over the scheduling and booking of their models for runway works. They organize trunk shows, fittings, and boutique showings for the agency’s models.

The Catalog and Advertising Department

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Catalog and advertising department assigns their models for jobs in catalog and advertising. For this type of work, their models who are mostly available and do not have loaded scheduled projects are often chosen.

The Supermodel Department

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From the name itself, this department handles who have the potential to be a supermodel and a celebrity. They will be responsible for your modeling projects outside, such as filming exercise videos and TV shows and posing for calendar covers. But they will only take care of your further success once you reach the qualification and earn a multimillion dollar income.

The Modeling Management Agency

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They will be the next people who will handle you once you leave the new faces department. The major obligation of the modeling management department is to take care of your well-balanced career as a model. You should not be worrying about the types of clients you should work for since it’s part of their scope.

The New Faces Department

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Every tyro who aims to be a model undergoes this department. They are in charge of the training you should experience to nurture you as a professional model. They are also responsible for your booking for your first job. The people behind this department are the ones judging the aspiring candidates for the agency’s modeling audition.

The booking departments work along these other departments as well.


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This department includes the president of the agency, the department directors, and the vice president. They are the people who run the whole agency. They conduct the agency’s missions and plans and are responsible for the resolution of every problem that arises.

Promotions and Publicity

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This team takes over for the promotions of the image and the name of the agency. They handle charity events for the exposure of their models. They also organize press inquiries about the agency and the models as a whole.

Accounting Department

IncomeAndExpense2.jpg (4000×3000)

This department is responsible for all the transactions that have something to do with the expenses and incomes of the agency. You will be advised to have a voucher signed to acknowledge that you have a pending work whenever you are given a modeling job. The accounting department will then take over the voucher after you work. It includes your agents’ and your fee as a model.

It is not just a plus to you when you start to take responsibility. Knowing whether you are in safe hands or not is a great thing to avoid wasted time and effort since a modeling agency is actually managing your career. Nobody wants their efforts to be wasted, right?

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