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Scariest Horror Movie Dolls of All Time

Horror movies have a tendency of digging in the most feral fears of audience members everywhere. One of the most common of these fears is pediophobia, otherwise known as a concrete fear of dolls. But no matter if you happen to have this fear beforehand or not, anyone can admit that there is something sinister about this lifeless objects.

On this list compiled by ExploreTalent, you will find the most terrifyingly evil dolls from movies. Lately, the 2014 horror movie Annabelle brought the scary doll theme back to mainstream cinema. From ventriloquist dummies to haunted toys, check out the scariest horror dolls and the movies that featured them below.

1. Chucky from Child’s Play (1988)

Perhaps there will never be an iconic scary movie list without Child’s Play ever appearing in them. It may have spawned a massive franchise, but the first one has instilled the maniacal doll Chuckie forever in the minds of audiences everywhere. The movie was directed and written by American director Tom Holland. The movie follows a serial killer who transfers his soul to an innocent “Good Guy” doll in an attempt to save himself from dying. Apparently, the doll goes to the hands of a family and thus its reign of terror begins.

The movie spanned four sequels, including the trashy horror film Chucky’s Bride. It still is considered one of the best movies of the horror genre to date.

2. Fats from Magic (1978)

Who could better play this character in a psychological horror film than Anthony Hopkins?

He stars in the 1978 classic Magic, which centers around a magician turned ventriloquist called Charles “Corky” Withers (Hopkins) as a struggling man that finds success after working with his ventriloquist dummy named Fats. Things go wrong when Corky finds out that Fats seems to be working on his own, even beyond the stage where he performs. What happens next is a series of terrifying events that make the audience wonder if Corky could be imagining the whole thing or if something sinister is truly going on.

3. Annabelle from The Conjuring (2013) /Anabelle (2014)

The world was first introduced to the terrifying doll Annabelle in the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring directed by James Wan. While it may not have been the main focus of that film, audiences clearly wanted to see more. So production green lighted the spin-off film, and despite the negative reviews Anabelle seemed to rake in the same box office success that The Conjuring did.

For those don’t know, Anabelle is based on a real doll except that this real-life version was in the form of a harmless looking Raggedy Ann doll. Needless to day, the “based on true events” factor of the movie added to its hype and Annabelle is set to return with its sequel soon.

4. Mary Shaw from Dead Silence (2002)

Creepy soundtrack? Check. Equally creepy soundtrack? Double check.

Now Dead Silence is not the best movie on this list. In fact, it was a big fail in the box office and especially did not sit well with critics. Even plans for a probable sequel were abandoned. But that did not stop the film from creating one of the creepiest dolls in movie history: Mary Shaw. To be fair to the film, there was a clever twist to it and its ending is enough to haunt the dreams of audiences everywhere.

5. Creepy clown doll from Poltergeist (1982)

Anyone who has seen Poltergeist knows that a terrifying scene involves one of the creepiest clowns in movie history. Just one look at it is enough to give anyone nightmares, and that makes it one of the most iconic dolls of all time. The story was written and produced by director Steven Spielberg, and it continues to be one his iconic ones to date. As the title implies, the movie centers around a family that is tormented by a sinister being in their own home. It may sound like your typical haunted house movie, but the creepy factor of the film makes it worth the watch.

Poltergeist has spawned a remake, but the original film has an equally eerie story surrounding it as the actors suffered premature deaths after its release. Despite all that, it went on to become the 20th scariest movie ever made.

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