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5 Fascinating Movies That Were Never Made

Every once in a while, a Hollywood filmmaker comes up with a great project that ends up on the cutting room floor. With that said, there continues to be a rising number of great movies that were never made. There are lots of factors that affect a studio’s decision not to push through with a project, ranging from an actor backing out to budget issues. Either way, it would have been interesting to see the final outcome had these films been released.

So without further ado, ExploreTalent is giving you the interesting movies that were never made.

5 Great Movies That Were Never Made

5. Spider-Man, directed and written by James Cameron

James Cameron - Spider-Man

Instead of Avatar, this could have been Cameron’s follow-up hit to Titanic. Unfortunately, the plan did not work and the director’s seat was later given to Sam Raimi. Aside from Cameron’s involvement, the rumored cast seemed pretty interesting and even got approval from Stan Lee himself. Edward Furlong was in talks to don the Spider suit while Leonardo DiCaprio was set to play Harry Osbourne. Interestingly enough, DiCaprio’s close friend Tobey McGuire later signed on to play Spider-Man for Raimi’s highly successful franchise. Rounding up the cast was Drew Barrymore, who was written to play Spider-Man’s first love, Gwen Stacy.  

4. Megalopolis, directed and written by Francis Ford Coppola


Eagle-eyed cinephiles are aware that there is a screenplay available online for one of the greatest movies that were never made. Think of it like an epiphany for all Coppola fans, as it has everything from sex, power, scandals, and politics. The movie could have been a career ender for Coppola, or it could have ended up the opposite way, if given to the right hands. Unfortunately, this ambitious film never really got into the production stage and it seems like Coppola has completely abandoned the project himself.

3. Napoleon, directed by Stanley Kubrick


There’s no doubt that Kubrick is one of the finest filmmakers in history, so it’s sad that this potentially great film finds itself on a list of movies that were never made. Kubrick was said to be so interested with the project, he researched every single detail about Napoleon’s life. Apparently, major production studios weren’t too keen about investing in a historical film, especially with the requested budget. So it didn’t take so long for Kubrick to lose interest himself.

2. The Tourist, No Director 

The Tourist

Of all the greatest movies that were never made on this list, The Tourist wasted the least effort. It is a shame since the script penned by Clair Noto is easily one of the best in history. The story is a sex-driven, mature version of the family-friendly hit Men in Black. That’s right, there are aliens, secret societies, and big city troubles. Sounds like a strong plot, right? Apparently, no director was willing to take the challenge and it ended up getting stuck in the development hell.

1. Nostromo, directed by David Lean and produced by Steven Spielberg


Aside from Lean and Spielberg, this film had all the big names in Hollywood attached. Marlon Brando, Alan Rickman, and Dennis Quiad were all in talks to play parts in this adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novel Nostromo, A Tale of the SeaboardThe movie never really got into production due to creative differences. A screenplay is still available online for viewing, but so far, there are no further plans to resurrect it.

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