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Important Things You Need to Know About Talent Agents

In order to make it in the acting business, it is important to get a trusted talent agent. Talent agents aren’t so hard to find around Hollywood, but not all of them hold a solid reputation. Remember, you need to find someone with a trusted and notable presence in the business so you can grab as much opportunities as possible. Talent agents should first and foremost, be able to make the important deals in the business. So knowing that they have the right amount of networking skills is a must when looking for someone to build a business partnership with.

Finding and Building Relationships with Talent Agents

1. Search for franchised agencies

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Actor’s unions such as SAG-AFTRA have a list of franchised agents. The best part about a franchised talent agency is that they are 100 percent legitimate. On the other hand, non-franchised agents that aren’t registered are more likely to be scams.

While you happen to be on the hunt for trusted talent agents, make sure you secure the following:

  • Your headshot
  • Your acting resume
  • A cover letter (1 page)

Remember, all your data must be complete and polished as talent agents have hundreds of applicants to go through each day. If you want to be chosen as a client, you might want to create a portfolio that captures their attention.

2. Working with talent agents: communication is everything

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When working with talent agents, communication should be a priority. That said, your agent is most likely managing a dozen others as well, so you should be responsible enough to inform them of any changes that may happen, with your plans or with anything that may affect your career. Everything from vacation leaves and even the type of roles you’d like to try out for, you should be able to update your agent regarding these changes.

3. Having an agent still requires a lot of work on the actor’s side

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Talent agents don’t magically conjure a career for you, so there is still a lot of work you need to do on your own. An important thing you need to continue working on is brushing up on your acting skills and finding other job opportunities on your own. Enroll in local workshops, participate in community theaters, and submit auditions online. Keep in mind that a successful acting career does not happen overnight, so be prepared to work hard and be proactive.

4. Agents appreciate it when actors set goals

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Talent agents should be open to discussing your career goals whenever you are ready. So don’t hesitate to discuss your interests such as your field of expertise (acting, singing, theater, etc.), your career timeline, and what you want to prioritize for now with your agent. This allows you to develop a more open relationship with your talent agent and gives you a chance to learn something from them in return.

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