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Simpe Voice-Over Exercises You Can Include in Your Routine

Every voice talent knows that the industry can be quite a competitive one. You’ll need to keep honing your skills to stay on top and rise above the competition. As a voice actor, you should be aware that your primary strength comes from well-developed vocal chords and a sharp tongue. So it is important that you focus on developing techniques and learning voice-over exercises that will help you realize your full voice acting potential.

Here are a few voice-over exercises that you should be able to incorporate into your routine.

Easy Voice-Over Exercises Anyone Can Do

Mouth and Lip Exercises

Mouth and Lip Exercises

  • Put your lips together to mimic making a mouth trumpet sound. Fluctuate between a high-pitched sound and then follow with a lower-pitched sound. Do all this in front of a mirror. When you begin to pick up pace, your lips should start looking like a blur in front of your face. Continue until you run out of breath.
  • Smile as hard as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Follow by pursing your lips and then holding it down. Do this back and forth ten times and then stick your tongue out, stretching it as far as possible. Touch the back of your upper teeth with the tip of your tongue and hold this position for approximately five seconds.

Pronunciation Exercises

Person Speaking, Talking

  • Learn the difference between short and long vowel sounds. Start with simple pairs such as “win” and “whine” and make sure you know the difference in pronunciation between the two.
  • Tongue twisters are one of the most important voice-over exercises as they promote proper pronunciation and strong communication skills. You can browse through a variety of tongue twister online.

Tongue Exercises

Tongue Exercises

  • Do the tongue helicopter in front of a mirror. Take your tongue and move it around the part of your mouth that’s between the teeth and the lips. Make a full circle. You’ll notice that the bump of your tongue runs around the bottom of your mouth and top of your mouth right under your nose. Now mimicking a helicopter taking off, speed up the rotation. Do this exercise clockwise and counter clockwise to gain strength and control of your tongue.
  • Position the tongue on the roof of the mouth and hold it there for a maximum of 10 seconds. Once you complete this, move the jaw up and down while keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

Endurance Exercises

Young Girl Singing

  • Read for 30 minutes straight and out loud.  Make sure you pick a piece that has 500 words so you can time yourself and know how long it takes you to reach the very last word. Use a decibel meter to assess if you are keeping a consistent volume. Note that should your volume start dropping off toward the end of the passage, it means your breathing is inconsistent.
  • Sing a song with the lyrics in front of you. Record your voice to review for later. Yes, you might sound terrible in quality, but the idea is to determine what areas you need to work on. In addition to this being a form of endurance training, you also develop clarity, breathing, and voice range with this exercise.


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