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Acting Guide: Audition Hacks to Help You Stand Out

Auditions are a huge part of an actor’s career. No matter where you stand in your journey as an actor, you always have to go through an audition to book a job. There are different types of auditions out there such as one-on-one readings, walk-in auditions, and open casting calls. At this point, you might want to come up with a specific strategy that works well in your favor. After all, the industry is as competitive as ever, so you should be at your best each time you seek out a role.

Explore Talent is listing down helpful audition hacks that, if executed right, will increase your chances in getting your dream role. Keep reading to learn more.

Audition Hacks to Help You Ace Casting Calls

1. Do Your Research


If you manage to gain little information on the production you’re auditioning for, then do your own research to learn more. The Internet is your best friend here as you can pull out any information through social media sites or other Web pages. You can also pull those tricks you have up your sleeve by using your research to your advantage. For example, you can search for the casting director’s social media page and learn about their interests. You may later bring this up in the audition room to give them something to remember you by.

When the audition is for a Broadway production or a television show, then make it a point that you understand the plot and the character you are auditioning for. It is not only a good display of professionalism, but it also shows how dedicated you are to the role.

2. Dress accordingly

Dress Accordingly

Most casting directors would suggest that you wear something that fits the part. This does not necessarily mean that you have to come dressed in a costume, but if you are auditioning for a role of a CEO of a company, then do not show up in a casual outfit and flip flops. When choosing an outfit, envision how your character will dress and add your own creative touch to it.

3. Showcase your unique personality

Showcase your Unique Personality

One of the best audition hacks out there is to find a way to develop an edge over others. Show business is an industry built for individuals who choose to stand out. So whether you rely on your golden sense of humor or sharp communication skills, do everything you can to really make a statement.

4. Own that stage

Audition Hacks-Own that Stage

Daisy Ridley can thank Star Wars for the success she is enjoying today. But prior to getting the role of Rey, Daisy had to go through an audition. The actress blew casting directors away with her performance that came complete with the waterworks, proving to them that she was born to play the part.

What separates wannabe talents and dedicated actors is execution. So take control of your audition and commit to the part, you’re bound to get the attention of casting directors along the way.

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