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5 Rated X Horror Movies You’ll Never Watch Again

Horror films are purposely filled with thrills, scares, and a general feeling of uneasiness. After all, the master of horror movie genre, Alfred Hitchcock, did recommend to “always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” But sometimes, filmmakers push the envelope a little too far.

From exploitation horror to visceral mutilation, Explore Talent presents the five rated X horror films you would never want to see again.

Rated X Horror Movies You Will Never Want to Sit Through Twice

1. The Last House on the Left

Rated X Horror Movies

This 1970 exploitation film is now a cult classic. It marked the directorial debut of Wes Anderson, who served as the film’s writer and editor as well. The film features a long and graphic rape scene involving two helpless teenage girls out in the woods. Although the perpetrators get victimized as the movie progresses, the brutal scenes will make you want to turn off your screen immediately.

2. The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede

During its production period, The Human Centipede had difficulty gaining any funding. It should be no surprise as no one in their right mind would ever want to sponsor a film that features such tasteless sadism. This rated X horror movie offers no plot, all it shows is a mad scientist who sews three victims mouth to anus together and another hour of torture porn. If you have not seen the movie, then do yourself a favor and stay away from it forever.

3. Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust

The film takes pride in being the first to utilize the found footage theme. Other than that, there is really nothing else that the filmmakers should be proud of. It is filled with a lot of racist subtexts, rape, violence, and animal cruelty (according to reports, real animals were killed during the making of the film). The movie details the ill-fated trip of a group of explorers to the Amazon. They encounter a tribe of cannibalistic natives who finish them off one by one.

Cannibal Holocaust ended up being banned in several countries and was slapped with countless lawsuits. Director Ruggero Deodato had his license rightfully revoked for three years after the release of the film.

4. A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film

The question as to why and how this film ever got made will never be answered. This film is probably unsettling enough to make even Hitchcock gag. It features a man who agrees to work on a pornographic film only discover that it’s more perverted than he thinks. Without spoiling the rest of the plot, here is the main reason why you shouldn’t watch the film: infant rape.

5. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is often considered as one of the best horror films ever made, but there are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to watch it more than once. Disturbing scenes such as a full 360-degree rotating head are guaranteed to haunt your dreams, and you better prepare a bottle of Holy Water after watching that “iconic” spider crawl down the stairs. Enough said.

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