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Auditioning Etiquette for TV, Film, and Commercials

No matter what part you may be auditioning for, or how established you may have become as an actor, there will always be rules of etiquette that an actor must follow during the audition process. The three main phases of an audition are the arrival, the audition itself, and your exit.

Always arrive at an audition fifteen minutes early. Casting is a hectic process, and things are always changing, so it is always better to be early than late. Do not dress in any costume unless asked to, but dress in attire that best suits the role you are auditioning for. When you first arrive, report directly to the casting assistant. Once you have signed in with the casting assistant, wait patiently for your turn. Be quiet and respectful to the casting assistants; any rudeness will surely be mentioned to the casting director. If you have received your “sides” (pages which will be read in audition) rehearse to yourself and wait for your name to be called. Do some exercises that will help you relax, like deep breathing, or closing your eyes and visualizing your scene. The main goal in the waiting area is to stay loose.

When called into the audition room, enter the room, smile and introduce yourself to the casting director. Hand the assistant your head shot with your resume attached to the back. Announce the audition piece you will be performing and begin when you are ready. Do not wait for the word “action” or any other sign from the casting director. They are most likely tired, bored and irritable. Just be confident and begin your audition after you have introduced yourself. Thank the casting director when you have finished and exit immediately.

Once you have finished your audition, wait an additional two minutes in case the casting director wants to bring you back in to read again. After two minutes, sign out with the casting assistant and leave quietly.

Auditions will become easier to deal with the more you attend. The most important etiquette when auditioning is to simply be polite. Ask questions quickly if you have any, and even if you are having the worst day of your life, act like it’s the best. Be on time, be efficient and don’t ask when you will find out about the part. The big line with auditions is “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Just leave confident and keep auditioning.