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Casting Call

Walking through those casting call doors can be a terrifying experience. As an actor, you need to put on your best first impression and avoid making beginner mistakes that will get you immediately eliminated.

Arriving early at a casting call is critical to starting off on the right foot. If you’re late, the casting director will automatically figure you for a person who is always late and will be late for the filming if you’re hired for the role.

If you’re expecting “sides” or pages that you’re going to be given for a cold read, arrive as early as possible to get the most amount of time to prepare for the audition. They may not expect you to memorize lines but that doesn’t mean you can’t use that time effectively.

The first person you’ll probably encounter is the casting director’s assistant. He or she will give you the sides and sign you in. Even though you may be tired from waiting in line for an hour or two, make sure you’re not rude to this person whom you might consider a peon. The peon may be best friends with the casting director. Plus, even if they don’t know the casting director, it’s been said that CD’s will ask the assistant who was nice and who was a problem. Nobody likes to work with a problem person and by asking the assistant what everyone was like, many of these people can be weeded out.

As you get called into the room to audition, take note not to shake hands with the casting director unless they go to shake your hand first. These people have to deal with hundreds of auditioners every day so they don’t have time to shake everyone’s hand. No need to take this personal. Just accept it and get through the audition by going along to get along.

Before you start your audition, hand the CD your resume and headshot and state what piece you’re going to perform. Then begin the piece.

Once done, thank the room and leave. The last thing they want is to have to listen to you explain why you didn’t do a good job or ask them what you could’ve done better, etc. They’re busy and just want you to leave.

As you walk back out into the waiting room, hang around for a few minutes to make sure you’re not wanted back in the room to do the scene one more time.

Use this advice to nail your next audition. Now go break the proverbial leg!