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Open Casting Call

What is an Open Casting Call?

“Open Casting Call” is an industry term meaning “Anyone can audition.” Shows like “American Idol” and “America’s Next Top Model” are great examples of having open call auditions. Usually an open casting call is announced through the media and is held on a specific day or weekend, depending on the project and the turnout. Obviously an open casting call for the next “Harry Potter” movie will have a bigger turn out than a cable access show, but the rules are all usually the same.

A date is released through a press release, radio spot or newspaper about a specific project. It would say something like, “Open casting call audition for new talent. If you are male, 18-25 and live in the Los Angeles area, open call auditions will be held for John Doe’s upcoming film “My Next Big Movie”. It will then tell you the date, time and location. A lot of producers and casting directors use open call auditions to find fresh talent and new faces. Open calls also give a person who is casually thinking about acting, a chance to try out, without needing the experience or agency help to audition for a role.

If you had fun, and auditioned well at the open call, a casting director may call you back to read again, or perhaps give you another part. The open call can open many doors and hopefully find you jobs that will give you the experience needed to join the unions like SAG (Screen Actors Guild) or AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Arts.) Keep an eye out in local papers and trade magazines for open call advertisements. If you fit the bill, try it out. It can never hurt your career and you never know whose attention you might catch.